Gears 5 Steam: Next Gears of War Game Coming to PC

Gears 5 Steam page is live, confirming that Gears titles, like Halo, will be released on PC going forward. So far, there are no signs of delays — we're still looking at a Sept. 10 release date on both Xbox One and Steam.

Gamescom viewers got a new trailer Monday, which makes a little bit more sense than the one shown off at E3 earlier this year.

Gears 5 Steam Release

The campaign seems all about bringing back familiar faces while focusing on Kait Diaz and her relation to the Locusts.

For those of you less interested in story details, there was a second Gamescom trailer focused on the newest iteration of the Gears Horde Mode.

Here we get to see player ultimates in action, including air strikes, invisibility, and hijacking enemies to turn the tides of a fight that's stacked against you. We still haven't seen everyone's ultimate abilities, though, so keep an eye out.

Cover image courtesy of Microsoft