Genji Grabs 5K by Reflecting Through Two Amplification Matrixs

Genji earned a PotG by reflecting an entire team's volley while standing behind his team's Baptiste. But the enemy players were also standing behind a Baptiste shield resulting in quadrupled reflected damage.

The video was legendary.

You can tell the overall skill of the players is rather low as everyone is clustered together. It's one thing to try to use Baptiste's Matrix, it's another to stand completely on top of one another, a perfect target for any area-of-affect ability or ultimate. Any Junkrat main would be having a hay-day.

Overwatch is in a weird place right now as content has slowed down to a crawl. It was revealed at BlizzCon why Overwatch seems to be on the back burner. Overwatch 2's trailer dropped during the opening ceremony and it's clearly been taking up the time of Blizzard. While fans reactions have been mixed, some excited for more lore and PvE, others mad they have to probably pay $60 to play it, the game should breathe new life into the franchise.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard