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Genshin Impact 2.7 Update Release Date

Genshin Impact Yelan Official Trailer
Genshin Impact Yelan Official Trailer / Mihoyo

Genshin Impact 2.7's release date has finally been revealed for May 31, 2022.

Genshin Impact fans have been speculating the release of the new version update for a while now. While Genshin Impact is usually extremely punctual with new version releases of the game, Mihoyo announced a few weeks ago that update 2.7 would be delayed due to "project progress." Another Hoyoerse poster claimed the delays were because of Covid-19, so the exact reason for the delay has been uncertain.

However, this delay has finally come to an end, as Mihoyo announced the official release date for the new update during their Version 2.7 Special Program livestream. The update will go live on Tuesday, May 31, at 11am UTC. Players will be unable to play the game from 6am UTC until 11am UTC, as the game will be down in preparation for the update.

The Special Program livestream announced a bunch of new, exciting content coming to the game once the update finally goes live. Players will get to enjoy a continuation of the main story, and see the Traveler (along with allies, familiar and unfamiliar) explore the mysteries of The Chasm. Players will also get the chance to wish for new characters, including the 5-Star Hydro Bow user Yelan as well as the 4-Star Electro Sword user Kuki Shinobu.

While the delay wasn't ideal for many Genshin Impact players who were looking forward to the new content, Mihoyo did provide players with compensation. Players were rewarded with 400 Primogems each week the update was delayed, which is a great surprise for players who are saving up to pull for the new 2.7 banners.