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Genshin Impact 2FA: How to Activate

courtesy of miHoYo

2FA, short for Two-Factor Authentication is a new security system for the accounts of Genshin Impact players. It has gone live since May 17 for mobile and PC users only. It is a simple way to increase safety for accounts and prevent hacking.

The 2FA will bring two changes into the account system. First, the game will now require users to provide at least two different types of information for the account such as players' email address and/or mobile phone number.

Also from now on, players will be required to verify their accounts whenever logging into a new device. This will be done by miHoYo asking a verification code from their email or mobile phone number.

Genshin Impact 2FA: How to Activate

If you do not have an email or mobile phone number set up it can be done by simple steps.

Log into your miHoYo account and access Account Security Settings. It will show any username, email, or mobile phone number linked with the account. The email is not unlinkable so make sure you are using a valid email address.

With the new 2FA system in Genshin Impact, players can enjoy the game in a safer environment.