Genshin Impact Agents Location Guide

Genshin Impact Agents Location
Genshin Impact Agents Location / mihoyo

Genshin Impact agent's locations are important for players looking to pick up the Hunter's Sacrificial Knife ascension material. Agents drop this material once defeated, but the main problem is locating the agents. Sadly for players ,agents do not appear on the map screen, so you'll have to do yourself a big of digging to find them in-game. Luckily, we are here to help you locate each of them. Let's get into where the agents are located.

Genshin Impact Agents Location

We have locations for three agents right here, so go ahead and grab your notepad. The first one is located in the Luhua Poolm to the right of the shore. The agent is taking a walk in the sun, so just go ahead and murder them right there. Next up is the agent located north of the Dunyu Ruins. There is a statue that has fallen, and they should be right in that area.

For the final agent, go to the furthest to the west island you can at the Guyun Stone Forest archipelago. You'll find the agent just east of the Liuye Harbor. The agents shouldn't be too difficult to take down, and their reward is more than worth the time investment in going around the map and finding them.