Genshin Impact 'As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared' Quest Guide

Genshin Impact's Summer Fantasia Event just added the second step in the Summertime Odyssey questline. 'As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared' is the new quest that can earn you Iridescent Flotsam and many more things! This second quest is a three-part quest, and it can take up to two hours to complete.

Various puzzles are required to advance.

Genshin Impact 'As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared' Quest Guide

Puzzle Area #1 Solutions

The first puzzle takes place in the mansion. You need to interact with the table in the front where you will find a note about Kazuha's childhood. After interacting with the note, walk towards the next room to find a mechanism that triggers it and opens a space with the Prismatic Rampart.

The device fires arrows depending on the color. The adjustment pattern is left, forward, and perpendicular to the right. You must defeat the enemies to gain a yellow Prismatic Gem. Once you've collected it, go back to the Collections Room and place it in the Prismatic Rampart to unlock the chest. To unlock the chest puzzle, the solution is perpendicular to the left, right, forward, and left.

To collect more Melodic Omamori, head to the right side of the stairs before heading up.

Puzzle Area #2 Solutions

Kazuha needs rocks and tools to carve out decorations for the bonsai box. You must travel to the marked location on the map and defeat the enemies. Once you defeat the enemies, you will unlock the chest with the items you need. You will then be teleported to a new location.

Explore the corridor and interact with the mechanism. Move the ramparts left, forward, and left before heading back to fire the device. When you place the yellow gem in the rampart adjust the remaining ramparts right, right, and right.

Continue to the corridor until you reach a room before rotating it to position the ramparts forward, forward, and left. The Red Prismatic Rampart is to the corner from the left, the pattern is forward and upward. The remaining pattern for the last rampart is right, forward, and right.

Puzzle Area #3 Solutions

Head to the marked location on the mini-map and you will have to defeat the enemies once again to unlock a chest and collect the items you need. Once you return to the original location, you place the materials collected inside the bonsai box and teleport to the final spot Misty Hills.

To solve the Red Prismatic Rampart make sure to do forward, right and right. Change the color and reposition the ramparts to left and left before you fire the device and collect the Omamori.

Place the Omomori inside the shrines to summon a wind current and you will be in a battle arena before using the Yellow Prismatic Rampart to unseal two Omamori. Defeat the boss and place the Omomori in the shrines before you open the chest.

Follow this YouTube video if you would like to view the quest before attempting to do it yourself!