Genshin Impact Banner Schedule 2022

Photo courtesy of miHoYo

Genshin Impact's Banner system allows players limited-time opportunities to draw more powerful four and five-star characters to add to their party. These characters are often very rare outside of their banner, and sometimes can only be obtained from these limited-time opportunities. These banners are updated every time the game does, with its new versions coming out every six weeks or so. While the game is currently in version 2.6, various news and leaks have hinted at version 3.0 being on the horizon, and with it new plot and potential re-runs of old banners for fans who missed out on certain drops in the past.

While the next update for Genshin Impact is almost immediately on the horizon as the previous one drops, we still don't know a ton about who is coming to Genshin Impact's Banners for the rest of the year, but here is what we do know:

Genshin Impact Banner Schedule 2022

1. Genshin Impact Version 2.6

Released: March 30 2022
Phase 1 Banners: Azure Excursion, Ballad in Goblets
Phase 2 Banners: Kamisato Ayaka

2. Genshin Impact Version 2.7

Release date: May 11 2022
Rumored Banners: Yelan, Kuki Shinobu

3. Genshin Impact Version 2.8

Release Date: around June 22 2022
Rumored Banners: Kazuha (rerun)

4. Genshin Impact Version 3.0

Release date: around August 3 2022
Rumored Banners:

With the uncertainty around future updates, this article will be updated as more information is made available.