Genshin Impact Cyno Leaks: Everything We Know So Far

Genshin Impact Cyno Teaser
Genshin Impact Cyno Teaser / Courtesy of Mihoyo

Here's everything players have learned from the Genshin Impact leaks about Cyno.

Genshin Impact players have known about the upcoming character Cyno for almost two years, as his name and design were revealed as an upcoming Sumeru character in the Genshin Impact Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview YouTube video. After that video, no additional information on Cyno was released. However, leakers have recently found data on the character hidden within Genshin Impact files, meaning we now know a little bit more about him. Here's everything the leaks have taught us about Cyno.

Genshin Impact Cyno Leaks

According to leaks, Cyno will be a 5-Star Electro Polearm user expected to come in Version 3.1. His kit was also leaked, and it appears that Cyno will likely be Main DPS who deals damage with Electro-infused auto attacks from his Elemental Burst.

Cyno's Passive Talent and C6 have also been leaked by the same account. According to the leaks, Cyno's Talent increases E damage based on Cyno's Elemental Mastery, while his C6 makes it so his E recieves the buff from his Q, and can infinitely extend his Q's duration.