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Genshin Impact Developers Considering Replayable Limited Time Events


Genshin Impact developers are reportedly thinking about making limited timed events replayable, helping players to catch up with the game's story.

In an interview with IGN, a miHoYo spokesperson acknowledged players frustration over missing certain story details particularly when the information is tied into a limited timed event. Players have often resorted to filling in the missing gaps by trawling through a wiki rather than being able to experience the story for themselves.

The statement, as posted in an article by IGN, read, "With limited-time seasonal events, we want to show players how the world of Teyvat and each character have changed over time outside of the main storyline. Therefore, even if events return, such as the Golden Apple Archipelago in Version 2.8, there will be changes to the characters, stories, and gameplay of relevance. However, we are considering the issues you mentioned and may have new ideas in the future with the advancement of our technology and productivity."

Genshin Impact's most recent update, 3.1, saw the addition of new playable characters Cyno, Nilou, and Candace. Players were also treated to new areas, equipment, events and more. But as the game grows, the prospect of beginning Genshin for new players only becomes more daunting. Should miHoYo work in ways to make limited timed events replayable, it should go a long way in making the game more new player-friendly.