Genshin Impact Electro Traveler: First Leaks

The first leaks for the Electro Traveler have arrived
The first leaks for the Electro Traveler have arrived / Photo Courtesy of miHoYo

The Electro Traveler in Genshin impact has had its first leaks revealed. The Traveler is the fist character players obtain, either the male Aether or the female Lumine, and serves as the main character in the game's narrative.

The traveler has the unique ability to utilize all the elements in the game, gaining them from the statues of each region's god. So far, only the Geo and Anemo form of the Traveler is out, but it appears that the Electro version of the Traveler is coming soon.

Genshin Impact Electro Traveler: First Leaks

Reliable Genshin Impact leaker Lumie was able to find the character screen for the upcoming Electro Traveler, which showed off their appearance. While no move sets or battle animations have been leaked, the fact Lumie was able to get a sneak peak indicates they're being worked on.

It's expected that the Electro Traveler will debut alongside the third nation in the game, Inazuma, home of the Electro Archon. Inazuma is supposed to be where the main story is heading next, so as the main character, the Traveler is expected to go there, where they'll likely receive Electro powers.

It's unknown when the Inazuma update is coming, but people have theorized it will arrive in the 2.0 update. The game recently released update 1.4, and the next update, 1.5, is supposed to come out late April or early May. Major updates in Genshin Impact usually happen every one and a half months. Going by that timeframe, if Inazuma and the Electro Traveler are to arrive in the 2.0 update, it will likely be in late 2021 or early 2022.