Genshin Impact Friendship Levels

Genshin Impact Friendship Levels: What they are and what they do
Genshin Impact Friendship Levels: What they are and what they do / miHoYo

Genshin Impact Friendship Levels—also known as Companionship EXP—affects character stories, voice lines, name cards, and general closeness within the party.

Genshin Impact tells the story of the world of Teyvat and the various characters who leave their own impact on the plot. Unsurprisingly, these characters have their own lore and skills built into their backgrounds. Players looking to uncover more about exactly who they're adventuring with may be interested in miHoYo's intuitive Friendship Level system.

Genshin Impact Friendship Levels

There are a few Friendship Levels that players can transcend—capping at level 10. With every new level, players will unlock a bit of character lore, exclusive voice lines, crafting recipes, name card designs, housing items, and more. Currently, Friendship level does not bear a significant impact on gameplay.

Players can find what Friendship Level they have attained by checking the bottom right corner of the character's profile. The progress bar should appear right below the heading to indicate how much more Companionship EXP is needed to advance to the next level.

Companionship EXP can be earned through Daily Commissions, Ley Line Outcrops, and a variety of World Quests found around the map. EXP rewarded through Daily Commissions may increase depending on the player's Adventure Rank.

Characters need to be actively in the party to for Companionship EXP to apply.