Genshin Impact Inazuma Release Date: When is it?

Concept art of Inazuma
Concept art of Inazuma / Photo courtesy of miHoYo

Players have been wondering about Inazuma's release date in Genshin Impact ever since miHoYo showed us the first teasers of the region.

Inazuma will be the third region released in Genshin Impact, following Mondstadt and Liyue, and it is an island nation modeled after real-life Japan. In the game's main story, we learn Inazuma is currently under lockdown per the Electro Archon's orders, so it's incredibly difficult to get there. Luckily, it seems the Traveler will find their way there quite soon.

Genshin Impact Inazuma Release Date: When is it?

Based on official content and leaks from the data-miner community, miHoYo will most likely release Inazuma in patch 1.7 - or patch 2.0 as the game upgrades to an entirely new version. The expected date for this patch is July 21, 2021.

miHoYo has already officially teased some high-quality concept artwork of Inazuma in the patch 1.5 and 1.6 livestreams. Inazuma, the Electro nation, seems to be a region full of beauty and danger, featuring traditional Japanese-themed architecture blended with the violet color scheme of Electro.

Genshin Impact Inazuma concept art
Inazuma concept art / Photo courtesy of miHoYo

The Archon Quest released in Patch 1.6, "Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves," is a prologue to the Inazuma region, where we see the Traveler set off on their journey with Beidou to the island nation. miHoYo has even officially teased three new Inazuman characters soon to arrive - Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu. All these hints make it fairly certain the Traveler will reach Inazuma next patch.

Leakers have also confirmed this theory through data-mining: the full Inazuma map is currently in the 1.7 beta, complete with native animals, Statues of the Seven, and Electroculi, all of which have been leaked.

All things considered, we'll likely see Inazuma in only a few weeks' time. Look out for more info in the patch 2.0 livestream, which will broadcast exclusively on Twitch at 8:00 am ET on July 9, according to a leaker. 2.0 is sure to be the biggest update since Genshin Impact's release.