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Genshin Impact KFC Glider: How to Earn the Glider Skin

Photo courtesy of miHoYo

MiHoYo announced on Twitter that U.S. Genshin Impact players can now earn the KFC Glider skin. Here's how to obtain it.

Back in March of 2021, miHoYo announced a Genshin Impact x KFC crossover, introducing a KFC Glider cosmetic along with other limited edition items. Unfortunately, this collaboration was only available to players in China.

The Genshin Impact x KFC bundle contains 1 Wings of Feathering wind glider skin, 30,000 Mora, 1 Jade Parcel, 2 Tonkotsu Ramens, and 2 Sautéed Matsutake. The Wings of Feathering cosmetic makes the glider appear as if it is made of chicken feathers.

Fans have patiently been waiting for the Genshin Impact and KFC crossover event to hit U.S. servers, and miHoYo has released the instructions on how to obtain the bundle.

Genshin Impact KFC Glider: How to Earn the Glider Skin

From Nov. 25 - Dec. 8, players can redeem a code unlocking the Genshin Impact x KFC bundle through Twitch. Players must log into Twitch, watch participating streamers and support them throughout the event. Players must purchase two months of eligible Tier 1 subscriptions to the participating streamers, which will then reward players with the redemption code.

A few things to note about the event. First, only subscriptions made during the participating streamer's broadcast will count. Second, players must be rank 10 in order to unlock this bundle. Finally, the code must be redeemed within one week after the event ends which is Dec. 15.