Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu Build Guide

Kuki Shinobu Cutscene Clip
Kuki Shinobu Cutscene Clip / Courtesy of Mihoyo

Kuki Shinobu is now available in Genshin Impact — here's how to build her.

As we approach the second half of Genshin Impact's Version 2.7 update, the new character Kuki Shinobu has been released. Kuki Shinobu is a 4-Star Electro Sword user, and a member of the Arataki Gang. With her unique ninja-inspired design and fun abilities, plenty of players are likely going to be pulling for her, especially since she's a featured character on Arataki Itto's banner. For those who manage to get her and want to use her in combat, here are what Talents, Artifacts, Weapons, and team compositions players should use with her.

Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu Build Guide

Kuki Shinobu is a Support and Sub-DPS unit whose abilities allow her to deal constant off-field Electro DMG with reliable healing thanks to her low Elemental Burst cost. Her Elemental Skill sacrifices her HP to create a ring that deals Electro DMG to nearby opponents, and heals the current active character. Her Elemental Burst deals continuous AoE Electro DMG to a given area. Players should prioritize leveling up her Elemental Skill, followed by her Elemental Burst.

In terms of Artifacts, Kuki Shinobu's ability to both heal and do damage scales off of her max HP. Thus, her best artifact set is a 4-Piece Tenacity of the Millelith set, which increases both HP and the ATK of all party members when using an Elemental Skill. She should use an HP% Sands and Goblet, and a Healing Bonus Circlet to further her HP scaling. In terms of substats, players should also focus HP%, Elemental Mastery, and Elemental Recharge.

Kuki Shinobu's best-in-slot weapon is the Freedom Sword, which increases Elemental Mastery, and DMG when triggering Elemental Reactions. However, players can replace this with a Primordial Jade Cutter, Iron Sting, Festering Desire, or Favonius Sword, depending on what they have.

As an Electro Support and Sub-DPS unit, Kuki Shinobu pairs best with teams that can allow her to trigger powerful Elemental Reactions. Thus, she works extremely well with Pyro DPS and Sub-DPS characters. Using her with a Sub-DPS Xiangling means that Kuki's Electro ring can be combined with Xiangling's Pyro ring to deal constant Overloaded damage while the Main DPS attacks. She can also be paired with a Cryo Sub-DPS or DPS to proc Superconduct reactions, which is great for a team with a Physical DMG-dealing DPS like Eula.