Genshin Impact Lumenspar Locations Listed

Genshin Impact Lumenspar
Genshin Impact Lumenspar /

Genshin Impact's Lumenspars are located all around The Chasm.

Lumenspars are a collectible added to Genshin Impact in Version 2.6. They function as a quest material used to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant, and can only be found in The Chasm. Here's where to find them all.

Genshin Impact Lumenspar Locations

There are a total of 82 Lumenspar hidden around The Chasm for players to collect. When players get near a Lumenspar, it'll appear as an icon on the map, along with a sound similar to the ones Oculi make when you approach them. Below is a map of all the Lumenstone locations.

Certain Lumenspar requires players to use Sproutrocks to shoot themselves into the air to grab them, however, most Lumenspar are relatively easy to find once you're in the right area. If players are struggling to find one, they check for platforms above or below them it could be.

The trickiest Lumenspar to find is Lumenspar 14, which requires some extra work. To start, players should teleport to the southern end of the Chasm Main Mining area, then go straight ahead towards the cave. After entering the cave, go right and walk straight past the Fatuis on the right side to the cliff. Players can walk across the side of the cliff to get to the other side (where they'll pass Lumenspar 38). From here, all players have to do is walk ahead to find Lumenspar 14.

Lumenspar appear as bright blue floating crystals with a shining blue aura around them, which makes them easy to spot once you're nearby. However, for players who are struggling to find a specific one, they can use the Genshin Impact Interactive Map to look more closely at specific Lumenspar locations.