Genshin Impact Murals: Location Guide

Photo courtesy of miHoYo

Here's a location guide to all five of the murals in the Golden Apple Archipelago region in Genshin Impact. The murals are needed to complete the side quest "The Other Side of Isle and Sea," one of the many quests you'll discover while exploring the archipelago region.

Genshin Impact introduced the Golden Apple Archipelago region as part of its 1.6 patch. The region will only be accessible during 1.6, so players should take the opportunity to explore the region fully and claim all the rewards that miHoYo has in store for them. Note that to unlock the murals, you'll need to have completed the "Summer Vacation: Proceed With Caution" quest to unlock Act II of the event.

Genshin Impact Murals: Location Guide

There are five murals in total scattered around the archipelago, each holding some clues to a story. Once you find one of them, you'll receive the side quest "The Other Side of Isle and Sea," which prompts you to take pictures of all five murals.

1. Twinning Isle

Genshin Impact archipelago Twinning Isle map

The first mural you'll find is on the southern landmass of Twinning Isle. There's a mural in the small passageway between the two large rock formations.

2. Twinning Isle (west)

Genshin Impact archipelago map

Next, head to the small island to the west of Twinning Isle. You'll find a mural near the beach to the north of the island.

3. MInacious Isle

Genshin Impact archipelago Minacious Isle map

The next mural is on the eastern portion of Minacious Isle, to the left of the large rock formation.

4. Broken Isle

Genshin Impact archipelago Broken Isle map

The fourth mural is near the center of Broken Isle. From the teleport waypoint, glide down to the southwest of the rock formation. You'll need to play a Painted Ground/Painted Wall minigame to enter the cave, which houses some mobs and a mural. This mural is also part of the music rock quest.

5. Nameless Islet

Genshin Impact archipelago nameless islet map

The final mural is on a tiny island at the northeastern tip of the archipelago region. It's typically shrouded in fog, but a journal on Twinning Isle will tell you that you can sail there between the times of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Wait until the correct time and set sail for the island, and you'll find your last mural.

The murals in the Golden Apple Archipelago are only some of the wonders you'll find while exploring the region. As you venture through the islands, be sure to look out for echoing conches as well - collect enough of them, and you'll be rewarded with a free Barbara skin!