Genshin Impact Mysterious Merchant: What You Need to Know

Genshin Impact Mysterious Merchant: Who is this man?
Genshin Impact Mysterious Merchant: Who is this man? / miHoYo

Genshin Impact Mysterious Merchant is largely a game of hide-and-seek for advents.

The newest event from miHoYo, developer of the latest popular open-world fantasy RPG, Genshin Impact, tests adventurers' detective skills. Marvelous Merchandise will be running from Oct. 26 through Nov. 2, 2020, and hinges on adventurers rank 12 and above searching out a "mysterious merchant." Once found, they can collect one of seven Box' O' Marvels and open it for useful rewards.

So, who is the Mysterious Merchant?

Genshin Impact Mysterious Merchant

Teyvat's mysterious merchant is a man named Liben. He is the primary NPC of the event and is the only one from whom adventurers can collect their spoils. Every day, for the duration of Marvelous Merchandise, Liben will move to a completely different location on the map. It's up to the adventurers to find out where he is that day and get their box.

Adventurers may seek out Liben using in-game hints and rumors {ODD PERSON IN MONDSTADT}. NPCs will provide gossip to those who have the event active. From there, it's up to each individual to find Liben's precise location using only those in-game nudges.

Or, they can always check online.

Once found, Liben will give the adventurer a quest to complete in exchange for their daily box. These appear to be material fetch quests, so far, tasking each person to collect and hand over a certain amount of items {WHERE TO FIND MUSHROOMS}.

Adventurers only have until the end of the event to claim all their boxes. There are seven in total, each unique, and each type can only be obtained once. They cannot be traded or transferred, however, the players can open more than one box per day if they missed a previous opportunity. After Marvelous Merchandise concludes, all unopened boxes will be lost.