Genshin Impact Prepare Four Photos of Inazuma Guide

Courtesy of MiHoYo

Genshin Impact's new event “Hues of the Violet Garden," has just released along with several new questlines for players to follow. One of the main quest events currently is the four day long Irodori Poetry questline. In it, players are assigned to take eight pictures, four for each day, of different items in the region.

Four Photos of Inazuma

In order for players to be eligible to start the questline they must first have completed the Firmiana Leaf Falls questline, as well as be at least Adventurer rank 30

First off, in order to use the camera function, simply go into the main menu, and select the Take Photo option from the menu. After that follow the steps listed to take a picture of whatever you want.

For the first day of the quest, you're assigned to find photos of four specialties native to the Inazuma region. Specialties include plants, insects, flowers, and fruit. Simply take a photo of the ones you find, and the questline will be completed for the day. Here's a list of all the Inazuman Specialties found in the region.

On the second day, the primary objective remains the same, but this time you're tasked with taking photos of animals found inside of Inazuma. These can range from bears and foxes, to fish and other wildlife. The only requirement is that the photos be taken specifically inside Inazuma. Here's a list of all the animals in Inazuman that can be used.

After that, simply talk to the quest vendor, and you've officially beaten the first two days of the Hues of the Violet Garden.