Genshin Impact Quest Glitch Addressed by miHoYo

Genshin Impact Quest in Progress
Genshin Impact Quest in Progress / Courtesy of miHoYo

MiHoYo recently addressed a new glitch they're trying to resolve regarding quests in Genshin Impact.

MiHoYo recently addressed on the official Genshin Impact Twitter account that a new glitch that has been affecting players. The Tweet states that according to a system error, Travelers have been encountering issues related to quests. Here's what MiHoYo has said regarding the new glitch, and when it's going to be fixed.

Genshin Impact Quest Glitch Addressed by miHoYo

According to Twitter users suffering from the glitch, they've been unable to complete quests like their Daily Commissions, as the game is giving them Chinese error messages and requiring that they sign out and restart to complete their quests. It's unsure whether or not the glitch is only affecting players trying to do their Daily Commissions, or those trying to complete other main story quests, world quests, or hangout event quests as well.

MiHoYo didn't mention any specific details regarding what the glitch does or who it's been affecting, however they stated they're working hard to fix the problem, and will notify players once the issue has been fixed. For players being affected, they should keep their eyes on the Genshin Impact official social media accounts for any updates.