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Genshin Impact Reveals New Character, Thoma: Crimson Armor of Loyalty

Genshin Impact has revealed a new character Thoma: Crimson Armor of Loyalty.
Genshin Impact has revealed a new character Thoma: Crimson Armor of Loyalty. / miHoYo

Genshin Impact has revealed a new character Thoma: Crimson Armor of Loyalty.

Thoma is a "fixer" from Mondstadt who now lives in Inazuma. He is a pyro polearm wielder who is part of the Kamisato Clan, but currently has a position doing odd jobs and handling problems for the Yashiro Commission. According to his lore video, he faced a lot of discrimination upon coming to work in Inazuma. However, he has managed to work past that, and carve out a place and reputation for himself.

He is known for his strong instinct to defend those he cares about and his multitude of contacts in the region.

Thoma: Crimson Armor of Loyalty in Genshin Impact

Thoma, like many other characters in Genshin Impact, has a set of unique talents that suit him and inform his playstyle.

His exploration talent is called "Snap and Swing." It affects in-game fishing--drawing direct reference to Thoma's knowledge of the waters surrounding Inazuma. While fishing, with Thoma's help, players have a chance to earn double their catch.

He primarily relies on his polearm to attack foes. His normal attack, "Swiftshatter Spear," can combo up to four times and deals physical damage to his target. Holding down the attack button will prompt him to perform a charged attack in which lunges forward, spear first. This will consume a small portion of stamina.

Thoma's elemental skill is "Blazing Blessing" which causes him to "vault forward" and use his polearm as leverage to kick out at the enemy. Unsurprisingly, it deals pyro damage in a small area and summons a "Blazing Barrier" to absorb incoming damage—especially other pyro damage—which scales of his maximum HP. Each new Blazing Barrier summoned will have its absorption stack and refreshes its entire duration. It does have a limit, however.

His elemental burst is "Crimson Ooyoroi." When directed, he will swipe at his foes with his polearm and deal AoE pyro damage directly around himself. This also produces a Scorching Ooyoroi which, while active, gives a pyro edge to the character's normal attacks in the form of Fiery Collapse. It also summons a Blazing Barrier which, aside from damage absorption, works identical to that in Blazing Blessing.

Thoma's talents are as follows:

  • Flaming Assault—increase to damage dealt via Fiery Collapse, scaling off his maximum HP.
  • Imbricated Armor—upon obtaining a new Blazing Barrier, the active character's shield strength is increased.

More information about Thoma can be found in Genshin Impact, itself. He can be obtained through the game's gacha Wish system.