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Genshin Impact Rhodeia Rag: How to Beat New Boss

The Rhodeia's Rage boss debuted as part of a new event.
The Rhodeia's Rage boss debuted as part of a new event. / Photo Courtesy of miHoYo

Genshin Impact's Rhodeia Rag is one of new bosses in the game introduced in the Wishful Drops event.

Rhodeia's Rage is an even more difficult variant of the Oceanid boss Rhodeia of Loch. Rhodeia of Loch was one of the more difficult bosses in the game, but a well-crafted team with proper strategies shouldn't find it too hard to beat Rhodeia's Rage

Genshin Impact Rhodeia Rag: How to Beat New Boss

Find the Rhodeia Rage in the same place as the Ocaenid boss
Find the Rhodeia Rage in the same place as the Ocaenid boss / Photo Courtesy of miHoYo

First, players should find Rhodeia's Rage. Luckily she's in the exact same place as she is as Rhodeia of Lock. Use the waypoint to the east of Wuwang hill and then head north off the mountains and into the lake. There will be a platform in the lake as per usual, except this time players should activate the box in the center of the platform to start the fight.

Once the fight has started, players should be wary of three attacks Rhodeia's Rage has. Her Hydro Pump, Rush Ability, and Whirlpool Trap. The Hydro Pump is what it sounds like, a continuous stream of water blasts that can do great damage if a player is caught in them. However, they aren't super hard to avoid, so it shouldn't be the biggest of deals for those who can stay on their toes. The Rush ability is more annoying, as she dashes towards the players to attack and then follows it with another dash. Her Whirlpool ability is what it sounds like, and players should keep an eye open on t e platform to find spaces where they can avoid getting sucked in. Rhodeia's Rage has an ultimate ability as well, where she drops a giant water bomb onto the platform. Avoid it by finding water geysers that are generated during the fight. Use it to propel yourself into the air to avoid the blast radius.

Take advantage of elemtnal resonances
Take advantage of elemtnal resonances / Photo Courtesy of miHoYo

Now that you know how to avoid her attacks, you should know the best ways to damage her. Range attacks help a lot, so try to have one archer on the team. As per usual, consume foods before fighting her, especially those that increase defense and give health regen. Take advantage of elemental combinations, and keep an eye out for Pyro and Electro especially, as they can deal great damage to her. Using a Geo character that can give shields to do extra damage is helpful as well. Keep in mind having two Electro characters on your team is very powerful for this boss fight, as it dampens the effects of enemy hydro abilities and guarantees Electro particles when an Electro reaction happens, enabling quicker ability regen. Most importantly, keep calm, scan the platform as you'll be on the move a lot, and take advantage of your archers. Do these things and players should complete the challenge fairly easily.