Genshin Impact's 'Journey with a Gentle Breeze' Event Guide

Courtesy of miHoYo

Journey with a Gentle Breeze is a new, limited event in Genshin Impact that revolves around sending two of your characters Albedo and Klee on an adventure. In return for doing so, you'll have the opportunity to earn Primogems, the in-game premium currency.

Journey with a Gentle Breeze
SImply log in a few times a day, and the Primogems will be yours / Courtesy of MiHoYO

Genshin Impact: Journey with a Gentle Breeze Event Guide

First off, in order to compete in the event, the only prerequisites required are that you obtain the Adventurers Rank 10. You can access the event by going onto the game studio's page, and following the steps listed.

The main portion of the event involves sending two of your characters, Klee and Albedo into the mountains to obtain Inspirational Paintings, which can then be traded in for the game's premium currency Primogems. You need to sue new in-game items called Brilliant Leaves, which can be obtained by doing a variety of smaller tasks, ranging from going to the game's Facebook page, and logging in daily. The characters can take two trips per day, and need a minimum of eight to reap all the loot they can.

As your reward for completing the event, you can obtain numerous crafting materials, regular currency, and the above-mentioned Primogems. However, players need to get on it ASAP, as the event only lasts until the 28th, after which the event is permanently locked.

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