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Genshin Impact’s New Dendro Element Explained

Genshin Impact teased the new Dendro element earlier this week.
Genshin Impact teased the new Dendro element earlier this week. / Courtesy of miHoYo

After almost two years of speculation and hype, miHoYo has finally revealed information regarding the Dendro element coming to Genshin Impact in Version 3.0. Sumeru is home to the Archon of Dendro, and thus it's only fitting that the new nature-inspired element makes its appearance at the same time as the region's release. Here's Genshin Impact's upcoming Dendro element explained.

Genshin Impact’s New Dendro Element Explained

Genshin Impact released a video to their official Youtube channel that gives players a sneak peek into how the Dendro element will function. The combat director Aquaria states in the video that "catalysis, wisdom and life" are the three key points that drove the development of the new element, and helped dictate all the new synergies and mechanics implemented with Dendro.

Dendro has existed in Genshin Impact for a while in the form of Dendro Samachurls, Hilichurls, and Slimes. Currently, the only Dendro interaction that exists in the game is Burn, which occurs when Pyro contacts Dendro (Dendro constructs like shields can only be broken by Burning them with Pyro). However, the video announced new Bloom and Catalyze reactions.

Bloom occurs when combining Dendro with Hydro, and is inspired by the blooming of flowers. The teaser shows this reaction being used to bring plant structures to life, allowing the player to jump on them for a huge height boost. Catalyze is described as an entirely original reaction, and it occurs when combining Dendro with Electro.

Finally, the teaser discusses a new mechanic called 'polymorphic transformation', in which Dendro objects in the environment (from structures to Enemies) react differently depending on whether they're being interacted with Hydro, Pyro, and Electro.

This teaser is only the first, so we're likely going to get more details regarding Dendro reactions and the world of Sumeru in the very near future.