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Genshin Impact Sayu Release Date: When is it?

Photo courtesy of miHoYo

Sayu is an upcoming character to be added in Genshin Impact's 2.0 version update. As a cute, cuddly ninja who wields a claymore bigger than herself, she's already captured many players' attention.

Sayu has caused quite a stir in the Genshin Impact community lately due to the reveal of her English voice actor: popular Twitch streamer LilyPichu. LilyPichu has streamed Genshin Impact before, so many of her fans are eager to see her in action voicing the pint-sized ninja.

Genshin Impact Sayu Release Date: When is it?

According to the Version 2.0 livestream broadcasted on Friday, Sayu will be released in the second banner of 2.0 alongside 5-star Yoimiya. This means you'll be able to pull for Sayu on Aug. 11.

Like other new 4-star characters, she will most likely be added to the standard banner after her event banner ends, so don't worry even if you miss her.

As a 4-star anemo claymore character, Sayu has strong support capabilities that allow her to shine in almost any team. If you want to see a breakdown of her abilities, head to our article with everything you need to know about Sayu.

Sayu isn't the only new playable character in the 2.0 patch - miHoYo is adding a total of three new playable characters, plus a ton of new Inazuman characters that will make an appearance in the main story. With a new region to explore, new characters, and a surprising addition to the voice actor cast, Version 2.0 is shaping up to be the most exciting Genshin Impact update yet.