Genshin Impact Skin System: Everything You Need to Know

courtesy of miHoYo

The skin system in Genshin Impact has been mentioned numerous times by developers yet has not been confirmed in the game as of the 1.5 patch.

Character popularity is one of the huge appeals of Genshin Impact. Fan arts, videos, and novels are all extremely active. The characteristics and visuals of the characters are all unique that people have their favorite despite the combat abilities.

Speaking of the visuals, having skins for characters is what Genshin Impact fans have been asking for a long time. The skin system is where existing characters have different looks with a concept. An example could be different hairstyles or a change in clothing.

Genshin Impact Skin System: Everything You Need to Know

A Halloween Tweet from 2019 is a great example. The illustration features Amber and two other female characters from Genshin Impact wearing Halloween-themed clothes.

Liu Wei, one of the co-founders of miHoYo
Liu Wei, one of the co-founders of miHoYo / courtesy of 원신 YouTube

Players have been ensured that skins in Genshin Impact is not just a dream. At a Korean Showcase for Genshin Impact in August 2019, Vice President of miHoYo Liu Wei talks briefly about skins. "We will be seeing a costume system at some point and hopefully the near future."

Dressing Room in Genshin Impact
Dressing Room in Genshin Impact /

Considering the fact that miHoYo is very well aware character selling is their big appeal, players may stay hopeful about having skins in the game one day. After all, the Dressing Room for characters couldn't exist solemnly for Wind Gliders.

When will this "near future" be? Although it has been almost two years since Liu Wei made this statement, miHoYo has been remaining silent about the issue.

Yet we may be patient towards miHoYo. The game is still going through great updates including map expansion and character additions as well. Skin development will be a huge investment of time and people, thus it may take a few more years until players can apply skins to their favorite characters.

Until miHoYo announces a skin system, let us enjoy everything we can enjoy in Genshin Impact.