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Genshin Impact Specter Locations: Where to Find Specters

Sanganomiya Kokomi fighting a Specter in Genshin Impact
Sanganomiya Kokomi fighting a Specter in Genshin Impact / Courtesy of Mihoyo

Here are where to find Specters in Genshin Impact.

Specters are one of the many enemies found in Genshin Impact, that provide the player with valuable resources and EXP upon being killed. Specters are Common Enemies introduced in Genshin Impact Version 2.4, and here's where players can find them.

Genshin Impact Specter Locations

Specters can be found all over Inazuma, and appear as floating orbs of various Elemental types (including Anemo, Cryo, Electro, Geo, Hydro, and Pyro). Specters are found mainly on Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island, on the shores or around water, and usually in groups of around three. If players are struggling to find them, they can always use the Genshin Impact Interactive Map, which will allow players to see the locations of every Specter in the game.

When Specters are killed, they drop Mora, EXP, Spectral Husks, Spectral Hearts, and Spectral Nucleus, depending on their level. Spectral item drops are used in ascending the talents of Kuki Shinobu, Gorou, Kokomi, and Aloy, meaning players who want to build any of these characters are going to want to farm a lot of them.

Since Specters float quickly around the player, they can be a tricky to kill. Players should make sure they're not using the same Elemental type as the Specter they're fighting. Additionally, employing Bow users (especially those who can easily empower their bows with Elements, such as Yoimiya) can make taking down Specters easy. Overall, players are likely going to want to avoid using melee characters with small range, and focus on using characters who have ranged and auto-targeting abilities. Since Specters often appear around bodies of water, having a Cryo character to help the party stand on water is also useful.