Genshin Impact The Chi of Guyun Quest: How to Complete

Geshin Impact: The Chi of Guyun Quest guide
Geshin Impact: The Chi of Guyun Quest guide / miHoYo

Genshin Impact's The Chi of Guyun quest has been giving players some trouble because of its vague nature.

MiHoYo, the Chinese developer behind the popular action title Honkai Impact 3rd, has brought a brand new game to the market—Genshin Impact. It is the latest in fantasy open-world RPG, featuring an anime-like artistic style set against the classic medieval backdrop. Players explore the world, completing quests, and honing their skills to unlock 24 additional characters and uncover the story of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact: The Chi of Guyun Quest

The quest begins in Qingce Village where players get to speak with a hooded figure near the ruins directly south. From there, they'll learn about the fragments needed to uncover the secret under Mt. Qingce.

Defeat the Ruin Hunter, activate the three shrines located around the ruins, and then return to the village and speak with any villager milling about. They will direct you to Granny Ruoxin who holds the location to the next two pieces.

The first piece can be found at the highest point near the village. There are shrines in a line that need to be activated in a specific order. If activated correctly, a chest should appear with the fragment inside. Fortunately, we have the order here:

  1. Middle
  2. Far right
  3. Mid left
  4. Mid right
  5. Far left

The second piece can be found heading west from the first piece. Follow the natural curve of the ridge all the way west until you come across a circle with eight shrines. You only need to activate four, which are noted here, from left to right:

  1. Third
  2. Fifth
  3. Sixth
  4. Seventh

Collect the fragment and return to Granny Ruoxin. Now, she has the location of a hidden waterfall for you to find. Adventure north to the location and go inside the cave behind the waterfall to find a gate. Beyond the gate, now accessible thanks to your collection of fragments, four Ruin Guards and a Ruin Hunter are waiting for you.

Collect your treasure after the battle and head back to Granny Ruoxin one final time to complete the quest.