Genshin Impact the Firmiana Leaf Falls Quest Guide

Courtesy of miHoYo

Firmiana Leaf Falls can be somewhat confusing in parts, as well as being dialogue intensive. It is the prerequisite to starting the Hue of the Violet Gardens Questline, making it a vital questline to complete.

How to Beat Each Section of Firmiana Leaf Falls

Firmiana Leaf Falls can be split into three smaller quest: New Shoots from Old Branches, The Truth Is Also a Lie, and The Wind Settles.

New Shoots from Old Branches:

1. Get into the Kamisato Estates, here you'll find and talk to Ayaka, who will give you some advice on what to do next.
2. Head back to Ippei and Shinnojou, who will instruct you to go to the Kujou Estate.
3. Head to the Kujou and speak with the leader Kujou Kamaji, and then head over to the Hiragi estate in Ritou.
4. Talk to one of the NPC vendors, who will instruct you to go to the Hiragi Estate.
5. Talk with the head of the estate, Hiiragi Chisato, which will conclude this questline, and start the next one, The Truth Is Also a Lie, instantly.

The Truth Is Also a Lie

1. Head to Narumaki Island on a rescue quest to save Shinnojou, who has been captured and put into a cage.
2. Defeat all the guards in the area.
3. Find the Tanuki by breaking all the crates in the area, and take the key away from it.
4. Open Shinnojou's cage and head back to Inazuma City.
5. Check the Bulletin Board there before going back to Kujou Estate.
6. Finish the quest by talking to Kamaji.

The Wind Settles

1. Wait several days, preferably by grinding smaller quests.
2. Once you get the objective marker head to Ritou.
3. Speak to the three different NPCs scattered around the island.
4. Once all the dialogue has been exhausted, follow the quest marker to Chisato and talk to him.
5. Head back to the Kamisato Estate and talk to Ayato, ending the questline.

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