Genshin Impact Thousand Questions with Paimon Quiz Guide

courtesy of miHoYo

A Thousand Questions with Paimon is a Genshin Impact quiz. You can participate in the event by answering questions to earn rewards.

Content has been flourishing in Genshin Impact since the version 1.6 update. There is the Midsummer Island Adventure event, Distance Voyage event, and the Legends of the Vagabond Sword challenge.

As of June 25 miHoYo has been hosting a new web event called A Thousand Questions with Paimon, Don't worry about being overwhelmed with Genshin Impact- this one is quite simple.

Genshin Impact Thousand Questions with Paimon

A Thousand Questions with Paimon is exactly how it sounds like. Paimon will give you 10 multiple choice questions each day from June 25 to June 27. You must be over Adventure Level 10 to join the event.

A correct answer will grant rewards, and incorrect answers will result in none. Every correct answer is 5,000 Mora. Thus you can obtain up to 50,000 Mora every day.

Have you got some questions wrong? You can retry the question if you have answered incorrectly to obtain the remaining rewards. A cheat sheet is also available online.

Rewards will be delivered through in-game mail and will be valid for seven days. Make sure to collect them before the money perish!