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Genshin Impact To The Stars Once More: Everything You Need to Know

courtesy of miHoYo

"To the Stars Once More" is a Genshin Impact web event where participating players can win Primogems and merchandise.

This is an attempt by miHoYo to bring in people who have stopped playing Genshin Impact back through existing active players. Existing players receive their code by entering the event on web. Giving the code out to returning players gives existing players gift vouchers. With vouchers, they can draw cars that contains rewards.

Genshin Impact To The Stars Once More: Everything You Need to Know

"To the Stars Once More" will last from April 28 to May 17 8 p.m. ET. Gift draws will last three more days and end May 20 8 p.m. ET. After this day, gifts cannot be drawn or claimed- make sure to have them all by your side if you have vouchers.

courtesy of miHoYo

Anyone who is at Adventure Rank 10 or more is eligible as an active user to invite people. For returning players, there are three prerequisites that acknowledges them as returning adventurers.

  • Adventure Rank 10 or above
  • At least 14 days since last game login
  • The last time the player activated the “Stellar Reunion event was over 45 days”

How to Claim Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be claimed by gaining Exploration Energy. When existing players finish quests, a certain amount of energy is given to them. One voucher is equivalent to 100 energy.

Other than 'Sharing the Event' quest, the remaining four quests can be done when a returning player uses the existing player's code. This can be done in two ways: the returning player can click on the shareable link of the existing player or they can log into the event web page and type in the code.

Once the returning player acknowledges the existing player's invitation, the existing player will be able to claim energy.


Although it may be a challenge to earn energies, the results are greatly rewarding. There are in-game rewards and merchandise products available. Unless players have multiple vouchers, it will be up to their luck which ones they will be able to claim.

In-game rewards of "To the Stars Once More" have four options:

  • Primogem
  • Mora
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
Genshin Impact Mousemat
Genshin Impact Mousemat / courtesy of miHoYo
Mondstadt Character Acrylic Figure (Left), Chibi Acrylic Hanger (Right)
Mondstadt Character Acrylic Figure (Left), Chibi Acrylic Hanger (Right) / courtesy of miHoYo
Chibi Badge (Left), Liyue Character Acrylic Figure (Right)
Chibi Badge (Left), Liyue Character Acrylic Figure (Right) / courtesy of miHoYo

There are five merchandise prizes available:

  • Genshin Impact Chibi Acrylic Hanger
  • Genshin Impact Chibi Badge
  • Mondstadt Character Acrylic Figure
  • Liyue Character Acrylic Figure
  • Genshin Impact Mousemat

In-game rewards will be handed out via in-game mail. Merchandise will be sent out starting early July and a tracking email for this will be provided. Make sure to have your delivery address and contact details filled out by May 20 or merchandise cannot be provided.