Genshin Impact Windtrace Event Guide: How to Play Windtrace

Who's ready for some magical hide and seek?
Who's ready for some magical hide and seek? / miHoYo

Who's ready for some magical hide and seek?

MiHoYo has brought Windtrace back to Teyvat, allowing Genshin Impact players to get in on the fun once again. With Update 2.4, Mondstadt's unique version of the childhood game hide-and-seek is once again available for players to compete with their friends and earn some rewards along the way.

How to Play Windtrace in Genshin Impact

Windtrace begins today, Thursday, Jan. 13 at 4 p.m. ET. Only players at Adventure Rank 20 or above can participate.

Players can start the game by speaking to Gigax in Mondstadt. Two modes are available: a private co-op lobby mode and a random matchmaking mode. Only the random mode will give players Windtrace Coins, however.

As stated above, the game works like a round of hide-and-seek. Players are split into two groups: the Rebels—or hiders—and the Hunters—or seekers. Each side has their own perks to help them win the game.


Rebels are tasked with hiding from Hunters for the duration of the game. They will need to be constantly on the move to avoid the Hunters' detection and earn more Windtrace Coins the longer they go without being found. To stay hidden, Rebels have three abilities:

  1. Disguise—don a disguise as one of the objects in the immediate area.
  2. Lay Bait—employ a distraction to throw Hunters off the trail.
  3. Transparency—briefly become "hidden" from Hunters' sight.


Hunters are tasked with catching all the Rebels within an allotted time limit. They earn more coins based on the number of Rebels they find and how fast they find them. To this end, they have three abilities to help them:

  1. Mysterious Hunch—reveal the broad location of all Rebels.
  2. Sensor Aura—thoroughly scout a 5ft area. After scouting, Hunters will be notified if the area contains a Rebel. In turn, Rebels will be notified and allowed five seconds to move while leaving a trail behind.
  3. Capture—dispel the disguise of a Rebel and capture them.

How to Win & Rewards for Playing

The game ends when the time is up or when the Hunters have successfully captured all Rebels. Rewards, aside from Windtrace Coins, include:

  • 30 Primogems/20,000 Mora per 300 Windtrace Coins
  • Weapon Materials
  • Talent Book Materials
  • Mystical Ore
  • Hero's Wit

Additionally, players who reach 4800 Windtrace Coins will receive a unique style for their name card—Celebration: Peekaboo!