Genshin Impact Yelan Build Guide

Genshin Impact Yelan's Elemental Burst Animation
Genshin Impact Yelan's Elemental Burst Animation / Mihoyo

Knowing how to build Yelan in Genshin Impact is important for any player who's pulled her.

Yelan is the new Hydro 5-Star Bow user in Genshin Impact, and her banner will be available for the first half of the Version 2.7 update. Serving as a mercenary for Ningguang, Yelan's mysterious attitude and sleek design has made her an instant fan favorite amongst players. For those who already have her, knowing how to build her properly is the most important part of making sure she's performing to her full potential in battle.

How to Build Yelan in Genshin Impact

Yelan's kit makes her function best as a Sub-DPS unit, who deals Elemental Damage to enhance the damage dealt by the rest of her team (however, Yelan can also be built as a Main DPS depending on what the player needs). Here are which weapons, artifacts, talents, and team compositions work best with Yelan.

Yelan's Elemental Skill allows her to move rapidly and deal Hydro DMG to opponents across the arena, with damage that scales off of her Max HP. Her Elemental Burst deals AoE Hydro DMG that also deals damage based on her Max HP, and it converts all her normal attack damage into Hydro DMG. As a Sub-DPS, players are going to want to prioritize leveling up Yelan's Elemental Burst to deal rapid AoE Elemental Damage, followed by her Elemental Skill, then her Normal Attack. If she's being built as a Main DPS unit, players can focus on her Normal Attack before her Elemental Skill.

In terms of Artifacts, since Yelan scales off of HP and deals most of her damage with her Elemental Burst, players have the choice between a few different artifact sets. As a Sub-DPS, a 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate works best, as it gives her Energy Recharge and increases the damage dealt by her Elemental Burst. As a Main DPS, players will want to use a 2-piece Tenacity of the Millelith to give her additional HP to increase her damage, alongside a 2-piece Heart of Depth to increase her Hydro DMG.

For specific Artifacts, players should be using a Hydro DMG Goblet, an HP% Sands, and either a CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG Circlet depending on which she needs more. For sub-stats, players should prioritize Energy Recharge, HP%, and CRIT Rate and DMG.

As either a Main or Sub-DPS, Yelan's best weapon is Aqua Simulacra, the new 5-Star Bow that increases HP, and scales based on the proximity of opponents, making it perfectly suited for Yelan's kit. Players can substitute this Bow for the Polar Star, Thundering Pulse, or The Stringless if she's being built as a Main DPS, or a Polar Star, Elegy for the End, or Favonius Warbow for a Sub-DPS build.

Finally, Yelan has an ability that enables her to do deal more damage based on how many different Elemental types are in the party. Thus, Yelan works best with a party composed of 4 different Elemental types. As a Hydro unit, pairing her with a Pyro Main DPS such as Hu Tao, Yanfei, Yoimiya, and more allows her to deal massive Vaporize damage. Players can also use an Electro Support or Sub-DPS unit such as the Raiden Shogun to boost Yelan's Elemental Recharge, as well as deal Electro-Charged damage.