Geoff Keighley Death Stranding Cameo: Gaming Personality Appears in Kojima's New Game

Geoff Keighley Death Stranding cameo was revealed in the latest gameplay footage for Hideo Kojima's much awaited Death Stranding during Gamescom 2019's Opening Night event.

In one of the first gameplay videos released for Death Stranding, Sam (Norman Reedus) finds the Ludens Fan (Keighley) and delivers some sort of parcel for him. The Ludens Fan is one of many Preppers, who are individuals located outside of the cities that the player can meet on the way between locations.

Geoff Keighley Death Stranding

It was also confirmed that the game is packed with cameos of Kojima's friends and colleagues. Keighley is one of the many cameos that can be found, and it can be expected that many of them will also be Preppers.

The Preppers will offer side quests that will offer various benefits upon completion. Kojima says that as you meet with these Preppers, your connections to other people will increase. It is unknown how this connection or strand mechanic will work in game, but we know it will be the major theme.

The Gamescom presentation was but a hint as to what the full gameplay will be like. Kojima states that more gameplay will be unveiled properly at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Death Stranding is set for release Nov. 8.