Get Your Steam Year in Review 2023 Results and Overview Now


The Steam Year in Review 2023 feature is now live for users allowing them to see a full, detailed recap of their gaming year on the platform.

Year in Review tools are immensely popular each winter, most notably Spotify Wrapped. Though, gamers aren't left out on the fun with multiple wrap-ups including the Steam Year in Review. Players can see just how many hours they spent on their favorite games, total achievements earned, specific playtime per month and more.

Here's how to claim your Steam Year in Review 2023 results, the full list of statistics tracked and more.

How to Claim Steam Year in Review 2023

Head to the link here to claim your Steam Year in Review 2023. Once you click on the link, make sure you are logged in to receive your results.

Steam Year in Review Highlights

The first section of the Steam Year in Review is your Highlights tab. This shows how many games you've played, achievements unlocked, time spent playing with different input methods and your top games.

Full List of Steam Year in Review 2023 Stats

Here's a list of everything tracked in your Steam Year in Review for 2023:

  • Overall highlights
  • Community comparisons regarding Achievements, games played and longest streak
  • Time spent playing new releases
  • Genres of games played
  • By the numbers section
  • Detailed game breakdowns
  • Playtime by month
  • Time spent playing with a controller
  • Longest daily streak
  • Explore games played

Steam Year in Review 2023 FAQs

Here's a list of frequently asked questions answered by Valve at the end of a Year in Review:

What dates of playtime are included?

  • Steam Year In Review 2023 includes all of your play time between the first second of January 1 and the last second of December 14 (GMT).

Does Steam Year In Review include offline time?

  • No, Steam Year In Review does not include any playtime played in offline mode or when disconnected from internet.

Does Steam Year In Review include all types of apps?

  • Steam Year In Review excludes time spent running tools and other types of non-game software. It also excludes games that are unreleased, in preload, in prelease, or disabled.

How do I share Steam Year In Review with my friends?

  1. Share your entire Steam Year In Review page by switching the visibility to ‘friends only’ or ‘public’ and sharing the URL with others. You can access this functionality from the ‘share’ button at the very top of this page, or just above here.
  2. Share a special summary image by clicking the share button at the top of the page or just above here. That will open a window that lets you download or directly share summary images. Note that there are three different sizes of image – choose the right one for the social platform to which you intend to share.
  3. Add a special showcase to your Steam Profile. Click the 'Add Profile Showcase' button above and select 'Steam Year In Review' from the drop-down in your showcase editor.

How does Steam Year In Review differentiate 'Keyboard + Mouse' and 'Controller playtime?

  • 'Keyboard + Mouse' denotes playtime on PC, Mac, or Linux without an active Controller being used.
  • 'Controller' denotes playtime with an active Controller being used, or playtime on a Steam Deck.

How to Share Your Steam Year in Review 2023

At the bottom of your Steam Year in Review, there will be a Share tab to post across multiple social media sites. As well, players can click the Add Profile Showcase button to feature it on their accounts.