Ghost of Tsushima: Does Honor Matter?

Does honor matter in Ghost of Tsushima?
Does honor matter in Ghost of Tsushima? | Photo by Sucker Punch Productions

Ghost of Tsushima Does Honor Matter will be a question you'll ask surely ask yourself as Jin struggles with the issue in the game's story.

Ghost of Tsushima: Does Honor Matter?

The issue of honor is one of the main themes in Ghost of Tsushima. In order to protect his home, the last Samurai of Tsushima Jin Sakai struggles as he forsakes the honor his samurai upbringing instilled in him.

You'll get some branching dialogue choices throughout the game as characters pursue their own forms of justice, and sometimes, vengeance. You're given the option to say something honorable as a samurai or not.

These choices don't actually affect the story. What you say just slightly alters the dialogue you get in that specific exchange.

There are other ways to show honor in the game purely for flavor reasons. If you swipe down on the touchpad, Jin will bow. Bowing over dead bodies in the game will have Jin honor them with a few words. This also won't affect the story.

In terms of gameplay, you can choose to build Jin in a way that favors direct confrontation like an honorable samurai, or with underhanded stealth tactics as the shinobi-like Ghost. No matter which way you choose to play, it won't affect the story.