Ghost of Tsushima Horses: Which Horse Should You Pick?

What do the choice of horses mean in Ghost of Tsushima?
What do the choice of horses mean in Ghost of Tsushima? / Photo by Sucker Punch Productions

Ghost of Tsushima horses is a choice you'll make early on in the game. You have to pick one to be the name of your trusty steed. Which one should you choose?

Ghost of Tsushima Horses: Nobu, Sora, Kage

Shortly after the opening scene, you'll be given the choice of three horses, each of a different color.

After choosing the color of horse, the game makes you name it. It seems to make a big deal out of the horse's name, as they translate the Japanese for you. Nobu, Sora and Kage mean Trust, Sky, and Shadow respectively. It would have you believe your choice matters for gameplay, but it's entirely aesthetic.

The only thing the choice changes is the name that Jin calls out. They all do the same thing in-game. It will also affect some of the dialogue in cutscenes, but it's simply just what the horse's name is.

It's still an important decision, as your horse will be with you for the entire game and serves as your main method of travel. Pick the combination that speaks to you, because you'll be hearing Jin call for the horse a lot.

Ghost of Tsushima is out now exclusively for PS4.