Ghost of Tsushima Wind: How to Use the Wind to Your Advantage

The wind is your friend in Ghost of Tsushima.
The wind is your friend in Ghost of Tsushima. / Photo by Sucker Punch

Ghost of Tsushima's Wind mechanic is one aspect of developer Sucker Punch taking the added step to make sure the game's open world feels authentic and breathtaking.

Ghost of Tsushima follows samurai Jin Sakai as he sets out to save Tsushima Island from the invading Mongol Empire and villain Khotun Khan. The game's introduction sequence sees Jin rescued after an opening conflict where he sets out to save his uncle Lord Shimura. After playing through the lengthy intro, players finally have the world open up for them and the game truly begins.

Sucker Punch introduced a Wind mechanic designed to guide players while keeping the open world experience and visuals as pure as possible.

Ghost of Tsushima Wind: Everything You Need to Know

Think of the Wind as the objective marker you never knew you wanted. Instead of having waypoints and indicators pop up on the screen, the Wind acts as your guide to Tsushima Island and the missions ahead.

Players must swipe up on the PlayStation 4 controller's Touchpad to activate the wind. The wind blows in the direction of whatever objective is set so players can continue to focus on the game's breathtaking landscape. Some might find that it's a bit tedious to have to continue swiping up on the Touchpad if they get lost, but the Wind does a good job at keeping players on the right course. It also opens up numerous possibilities for the game's extensive Photo Mode.

Ghost of Tsushima is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4.