Ghost Recon Breakpoint Helicopter Controls

Ghost Recon Breakpoint helicopter controls are important to memorize as players will most likely be spending time maneuvering one for their allies sooner rather than later. The helicopter is a primary survival vehicle in which players will need to pick up allies, drop off supplies, or simply flee from attacker through the air. Unfortunately, helicopters can also be shot down, so knowing exactly how these controls work is imperative to your success.

Here's what we know about the helicopter controls in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Helicopter Controls

All players start with an Overseer helicopter at the beginning of their game. It doesn't have any weapons, but is quick and able to get you around with ease. The controls, themselves, take some getting used to as they don't have a proper invert axis function. This makes looking around with the camera a bit difficult. Getting in some practice before doing anything important is strongly encouraged

Anyone familiar with how these controls worked back in Wildlands should have no issue. It's the same system--a choice that has since sparked backlash from players. Many considered the control set to be difficult to use and not at all efficient. There have been calls to copy the controls of games like Grand Theft Auto, among others.

Image courtesy of Ubisoft