Ghost Recon Breakpoint SNR Extended Mag: Where to find the Mod

Ghost Recon Breakpoint SNR Extended Mag is a weapons mod currently available in the game. Put simply, finding and equipping this will extend the magazine amount your sniper rifle can carry. It does take a bit of searching, but the mod itself isn't very difficult to find. Ghost Recon's map can make sniping a difficult task for new players. For experienced ones, however, finding the right point only takes a few tries.

Here's what we can tell you about Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Extended Mag for its sniper rifles.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint SNR Extended Mag

The Extended Mag gives more ammunition to your rifle, but also makes it longer to reload that rifle between magazines. The official stats are -10% reload speed and +15% vertical coil.

This mod can be a benefit to snipers purely for the reason that it will take more than a couple rounds to deplete your magazine. This allows you to continue to fire on your target if you happen to miss the first time.

While not every extended magazine mod has been found in the same place, there is one hot spot players are recommending people check. This spot is located around Avalanche Peak in the western most part of the structure. You'll want to find a point called Auroa Intranet Control and search around there.

Image courtesy of Ubisoft