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Ghost Watchers Aug. 1 Update Detailed


Here's what changed in the Ghost Watchers Aug. 1 Update

Ghost Watchers, a survival horror game, has taken the gaming community by storm. The game went into early access on July 28, and has received plenty of high praise on Steam. What separates Ghost Watchers from most games in its genre, is that players have access to plenty of gadgets and tools to help defend themselves from the paranormal threats haunting them.

Since the game is in early access, developer Renderise is hard at work refining and updating Ghost Watchers. Aug. 1 saw one of the first major updates to the game, and here's what was added.

Ghost Watchers Aug. 1 Update

Here's what changed in the new update:

  • Plasma Absorber and Withering Light now have 3 charges (after which they break)
  • A hint about the last action to weaken the ghost is now displayed at all difficulty levels (in the van)
  • 2 ladders have been added to the School to make it easier to move around the location
  • Fixed bugs in the use of protective items
  • Improved ghost logic (if the ghost cannot attack the player in a closed space, it will drag him away)
  • The lighting system has become brighter