Ghostwire: Tokyo Xbox Pre-Load Times

Tango Gameworks

The dawn of Ghostwire: Tokyo, a game from Tango Gameworks, is almost upon us, so Xbox players will want to know the moment that they'll have access to the game in their timezone.

In the game, players will be investigating a series of paranormal disappearances of Tokyo's citizens. Using the protagonist's incredibly unique powers, players will be tracking down and ridding the city of the cult forces behind these vanishings, saving the city from their influence.

After the initial release a year ago, players around the world can finally look forward to playing the game on their Xbox.

Below is some information for when Xbox players around the world can expect the game to be downloadable with the Xbox Game Pass and Series X|S.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Xbox Pre-Load Times

Thankfully, the developers have released a diagram showing where most time zones can expect the game to be released (Shown in the above tweet). However, here are some listed for ease of access:

  • EDT - 8 p.m., April 11
  • PDT - 5 p.m., April 11
  • JST - 9 a.m., April 12
  • GMT - 12 a.m., April 12

So, for most audiences, the game will be available either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. From there, players will download the game and can enjoy playing it after.

For more information on the game, you can look at the game's official Twitter account, or here on DBLTAP.