Gifting Heading to Apex According to Leaks

Courtesy of Respawn

New leaks have suggested that the long-awaited gifting function could finally be on its way to Apex Legends.

As spotted by Dexerto, a data miner has uncovered some new in-game logos for what appears to be gifting. Being able to gift other players items and cosmetics has been something enabled across multiple online games like Fortnite. Respawn had confirmed some time ago that they had been working on the feature for Apex, too. Sadly, seasons came and went but still no gifting made its way into the game.

YouTuber Grrt posted a video to his channel saying that the feature could be arriving in Season 15. He explains that while doing some data mining, he came across a file containing an icon which, after "asking a few people", was confirmed as an icon for gifting.

Among the files was also an icon for a news notification, showing a grid-like globe and a mail icon, and some more social icons. The YouTuber speculated that all of these new icons could be used alongside the upcoming gifting feature.

While Respawn have yet to confirm the gifting feature, given that the icons are present in the game it's likely that the function could be rolled out soon.