Gigalith Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Gigalith in Pokemon GO: How to Catch
Gigalith in Pokemon GO: How to Catch / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Gigalith in Pokemon GO is a difficult Pokemon to encounter. Known as a Rock-type Pokemon, Gigalith can be helpful on teams for its powerful moves and effectiveness against Fire-, Flying-, Ice-, and Bug-type Pokemon. From finding Gigalith's Shiny form to utilizing its move set, here's everything you need to know about this Rock-type Pokemon.

Players can obtain Gigalith through catching Roggenrola, which is Gigalith's pre-evolved form. Roggenrola is more likely to spawn in the wild during partly cloudy weather.

After you've caught Roggenrola, you can then evolve it through making it your Buddy Pokemon and giving it 50 Candy. Roggenrola can evolve into Boldore with the Candy. Trainers can then offer 200 Candy to Boldore, making it evolve into Gigalith.

Gigalith in Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Roggenrola can also be encountered through Research quests, raids, and 5 km eggs. Additionally, players can also run into this Rock-type Pokemon during Cloud Weather.

Some lucky players might even catch Shiny Gigalith, which has a purple and teal color scheme.

Introduced in Generation V, Gigalith's go-to moves in Pokemon GO consist of Mud-Slap, Smack Down, Rock Slide, Solar Beam, Heavy Slam, Super Power, and Stone Edge. Some of the best counter Pokemon to used against Gigalith include Lucario, Metagross, Breloom, Kingler, and Conkeldurr.

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