Giovanni Shadow Lugia Raid Guide Detailed

Photo by Niantic

Giovanni has made a return to Pokémon GO and he is being featured with Shadow Lugia. Let's take a look at how to beat Giovanni and capture Shadow Lugia.

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that allows Pokémon fans to take things to the next level in real life.

Giovanni Shadow Lugia Raid Guide Detailed

In the tweet above, the PokémonGoApp account tweeted an announcement about Giovanni returning with Shadow Lugia in his control.

First, you need to use a Super Rocket Rocket to takedown the Team Go Rocket boss. You can get one by taking down any of the Team Go Rocket leaders or by completing the 15th step of the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research quest.

Giovanni's fight has been seen to need a lot of replaying. The best strategy is just to keep going at it and making adjustments as you go along until you are finally able to beat the boss.

After you beat Giovanni, you will get a chance to capture Shadow Lugia. Make sure to use Pinap Berries so that you maximize the amount of Lugia Candy you will receive from the catch.

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