Giroud FIFA 21: How to Complete the Player Moments Objectives


The Oliver Giroud FIFA 21 Player Moments objective card went live Friday as the latest piece of content in FIFA 21's Player Moments promotion. Here is everything you need to know before completing him.

Oliver Giroud Player Moments Requirements

To complete Oliver Giroud's Player Moments, you'll need to head over to the Managerial Masterpiece FUT Friendly game mode. In this game mode, you need to play with a squad with a maximum team rating of 77, with no bronze cards and a maximum of 4 silver cards.

Once in the FUT Friendly game mode, you have to complete the following objectives:

1. Assist two goals from crosses
2. Score a finesse shot in three separate matches with French players.
3. Score 10 goals with Premier League Players
4. Win 8 matches with at least two french players in your starting eleven
5. Score in 15 separate matches with Premier League players.

Oliver Giroud Player Moments Stats

Overall: 90
Pace: 84
Shooting: 90
Passing: 79
Dribbling: 84
Defending: 52
Physical: 89

Olivier Giroud stands at a whopping 6'4", with High-Medium work rates and a High and Average body type. Giroud has been boosted to a four-star skiller with a three-star weak-foot and is left footed. He possesses the following stats:

Oliver Giroud Player Moments Analysis

While he won't be a Meta upgrade for your squad, Oliver Giroud is a fun player. In real life he continues to perform for Chelsea and the French National team despite not playing often. Now in FIFA, he is no longer one of the slowest strikers in the Premier League, his 84 pace is respectable. He also received a great dribbling boost: Giroud now has a respectable 80 rated agility and balance. His shooting is out of this world, up there with the best strikers in the league at 90 overall. The flair and outside-foot shot traits make him even more lethal in the box, as well as being 6'4".

He is a similar player to Erling Haaland from Dortmund, with great physicals and nearly perfect shooting stats, with better skills and a little bit less pace. With a Hunter or Engine Chemistry Style, Giroud is far from unusable, and for a free card you can play for or put into another SBC, you can't go wrong with the Chelsea Frenchman.