Gjallarhorn Destiny 2: When Does it Arrive?

Photo provided by Bungie.
Photo provided by Bungie. /

Destiny 2’s Exotic Weapons are the best weapons in the game, as their rarity makes their power accessible to those lucky enough to acquire one. However, in the recent Destiny Showcase event livestreamed Aug. 24, the fan-favorite Gjallarhorn is set to make its return in the game. So with hopes as high as their expectations, players wonder when will the Gjallarhorn arrive?

Regarded as the best weapon in the original Destiny title, the Gjallarhorn is an Exotic weapon that’s hailed for its perks and versatility in battle. This launcher’s rockets split into mini rockets that lock onto and deal damage to the selected target. Until now, the weapon was absent in Destiny 2’s launch, leaving lots of fans begging for its reprisal.

Gjallarhorn Destiny 2: When Does it Arrive?

The weapon will return as a part of Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary Pack, a DLC pack commemorating studio Bungie’s 30 years of operation, set to release in December.

In the original Destiny, this weapon was widely considered by players to be the King of Exotics, as its absurdly high damage potential made it an extremely sought-out weapon for both new and veteran players. However, Destiny 2 players are unsure whether the weapon will be severely rebalanced when it returns, though Bungie has promised players that its reincarnation will meet players’ high expectations. 

In addition to the Gjallarhorn’s addition, Bungie will also be adding classic weapons from its history such as the Claymore from Myth and the Eyasluna hand cannon.

It’s worth including that this King of Exotic Weapons will also be receiving a real-life Nerf gun modeled after it’s game counterpart, so fans could also look forward to that too.

Bungie is set to reveal more information about the Gjallarhorn and the upcoming 30th Anniversary Pack as December draws near.