Gladiator Doomfist Arrives in Overwatch Anniversary 2021

Gladiator Doomfist.
Gladiator Doomfist. / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Gladiator Doomfist hit Overwatch on Tuesday as one of five new Legendary skins celebrating the game's fifth anniversary.

Gladiator Doomfist Arrives in Overwatch Anniversary

The skin shows Doomfist in classic Roman gladiator garb. He wears leather straps that hold what sparse armor there is on his chest in place. What appears to be a big cat adorns his gold belt buckle. His face is covered by a futuristic take on a classic gladiator mask, with four red eyes glowing underneath his helmet.

Gladiator Doomfist and Venus Moira are the only two new skins that appear to share any thematic material, drawing as they both do from Ancient Roman traditions. The other Legendary skins released as part of the event, include Black Cat Sombra, Funky Baptiste and Junkfood Junkrat.

All five Legendary skins will be available in Overwatch until June 8, as will three Epic skins players can unlock through weekly challenges.