Global Challenge Bonus Pokemon GO Announced

Global Challenge Bonus Pokemon GO has been announced as a reward for completing all of the Global Challenges this year. Here's what we know from the reveal so far.

Global Challenge Bonus Pokemon GO

As we wrap up the latest Pokemon GO Fest in Yokohama, players around the world will be able to partake in a special Stardust bonus week. In addition, Niantic teased what they call the "Ultra Bonus".

This teaser tweet doesn't give us much to go on, but in a follow up tweet they do mention "wishes".

The only Pokemon that could come to mind is Jirachi, which in the lore has the ability to grant wishes. Previously, Jirachi event scenarios were revealed by prolific Pokemon GO dataminer Chrales.

It seems likely then that the next event will be focused on Jirachi, the Wish Pokemon. The event would focus on catching Hoenn region Pokemon like Whismur, and then would focus on encountering Psychic and Steel type Pokemon.

Jirachi is a Psychic and Steel type Mythical Pokemon. It was previously available in a special quest for Pokemon GO Fest Chicago 2019 attendees only, so this "Ultra Bonus" would be the first time Jirachi is available globally. As always, we'll be reporting everything Pokemon GO, so keep an eye out for when the event goes live!