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God of War Ragnarok Download Size

SIE Santa Monica Studio

Upcoming God of War Ragnarok's file size may have been leaked, and its looking to be a hefty download on PlayStation 4.

Previous leaks suggested that Sony's God of War Ragnarok could be around 90GB on PlayStation 4. THis information came via Twitter account @PlaystationSize, which has proven to be accuarate in the past. The game officially went gold last month, but download sizes can always change up to the point of release.

A new leak appears to have surfaced, however, after a screenshot from @lfnoelb on Twitter revealed the size to be almost 118 GB. This puts the new game at almost triple the size of 2018's God of War, which hit around 45 GB. There's been little information on the game's PlayStation 5 size, though players can usually expect the size to be smaller.

Sony has yet to reveal the final download size for God of War Ragnarok, so it's unclear how accurate @lfnoelb's image is. It's likely, though, that the size will be smaller come launch.