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Godfall Matchmaking is on the Way

Photo courtesy of counterplay games

Counterplay Games could be bringing matchmaking to Godfall very soon. For those new to the game, Godfall is a third-person melee combat game that involves special powers and different creatures to battle.

Unlike many combat games, Godfall did not allow for matchmaking and crossplay. However, after fans have been begging for it, they have announced that they are working toward allowing it.

On March 6, the Godfall Twitter account tweeted a video of actual matches being made. The ones you use to light a candle. A day later, they elaborate on the mysterious tweet and explained they are working towards allowing crossplay.

Adding crossplay to this game would make it so much better, and vastly more popular. This would be great for both fans of the game and developers alike.

Hopefully in the very near future we will have crossplay matchmaking on the game!